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Important of using website sa negosyo in Cebu Philippines – Podcast(Episode1 to 6)

Hiring a webmaster in Cebu City Philippines can be done 24/7 online. Below are Cebuano podcast which is commonly ask by people living in Cebu Philippines or abroad. The more you ask question the better you are learning in website technology. You can listen some of the podcast below while you are driving in the car or you are browsing…

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Easy way to convert .jpg to pdf in desktop computer

One of the fast truck for the conversion without any payment is using your desktop computer. This will help your clients and customer view the file and print the easy way. Easy way to convert .jpg to pdf is use the website link below: I would recommend using the website https://jpg2pdf.com/ more stable and fastest way to convert. You can…

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5G internet frequency is harmful to your body

It is believed that the  5G frequency Towers Are More Dangerous. Advance science knows that the 5G frequency can cause more health issue problems for everyone. Base of science research the 5G cell towers are dangerous because of the shorter length of millimeter waves (MMV) bandwidth. Below are the 10 list of factors that can damage our body: -Blood -Cardiovascular…

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3 Advice in buying competitive business domain name in the global market

When you think about your domain name you need to recognized that the Global market is very competitive margin anyone can view your website and study the strength and weakness of your digital assets. What we do is determine the competitiveness of your own business. If i am a dentist then i want to select a geographical area in Philippines…

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China making Sex toys in the global market

China are making sex toys massively in the global market using advance technology called the AI. As we look in the future 20 to 50 years from now we will expect the high demand and difficult to determine between women or men. It was just a science friction but today we are awaken that science friction is the gateway of…

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node.js platform in drupal module

Most company are searching for talents specially if you know the node.js platform. When i visited the site i found that it needs time to explore and know the platform. Nothing as short cut needs time to explore in your serve or watch some youtube which is so common now a days. Explore and self study also is needed if…

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