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10 reasons using Paypal for your website ecommerce

Paypal remains at the top highest level when it ecommerces platform. Thousand of ecommerces api for your website such a 2checkout , google wallet and many more. Every year alot of newbies company of ecommerce gateway are born but paypal always stay the best ecommerce platform.

Why paypal  remains the best for your ecommerce business ?

This are the following reasons.

1.) The platform is user friendly mobile , desktop , ipad and any devices.
2.) highly trusted in the market place.
3.) Developers user friendly during integration example salesforce and cms websites.
4.) Globally use in the market place than other ecommece platform.
5.) Processing is fast during payment and withdrawal.
6.) Highly integrated in all banks in the Philippines.
7.) Commission rate is less compare to other platform. Commission rate for paypal is 4.5%
8.) No annual fee to pay.
9.) Best technical support.
10.) Highly integreate in all cms website such as wordpress , drupal , joomla , opencart , woocommerce , abante and many more.


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