10 reasons why i have a tatoo

This are the 10 reasons why i have a tatoo in my boby. The new generation teenage has a lot of tato in their body the common area they put tatoo are in the arm , back of the neck, legs , body and many more.

What are the 10 reasons why tatoo has spread out of the teenagers ?
1.) They watch movies that the artor and actress has a tatoo arts.
2.) They want to be part of the community and with their friends.
3.) They want to be recognized easily.
4.) They want to tell that i am a artist person.
5.) They want to be part of the new trends of fashion and design.
6.) They are depress and worry.
7.) They want to speak about their insecurity.
8.) They want to be same with other person.
9.) They want as part of their unque identiy.
10.) They want to rebel against their parents.

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