2 steps how to get backlinks using linkedin 2 steps how to get backlinks using linkedin
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2 steps how to get backlinks using linkedin

Many people forget the power of information leverage using social media called linkedin. This platform linkedin has a keysearch engine of target real people with professional jobs. Many forget to think and update their linkedin profile. The more you are connected with real people the highly your are connected to the web engine. The spider internet web is huge and has no limitation to booster its magnitude of power. Your job is to connect the dots to real people. 

Simple steps tips and reminder to get started with your linkedin: 

Post content to your regularly at same time.
Join topical conversations with hashtags never forget the # tags.
Mention influencers and companies you admire. Connect with the name search query
Share plenty of video and visual content that help people solve their problems.
Encourage engagement on your posts
Add a Follow button to your website. This help them connect to you.

How to connect people ? Great them with surprise and happiness. Saying happy b-day !Saying congrats!  Saying nice work! Saying happy new year! 


Words are so powerful to connect people in real social media platform called the linkedin. This platform is in top  20 to 50 global ranking.

Why are you not using  ? 


Start today and enjoy this information!