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3 Advice in buying competitive business domain name in the global market

When you think about your domain name you need to recognized that the Global market is very competitive margin anyone can view your website and study the strength and weakness of your digital assets. What we do is determine the competitiveness of your own business. If i am a dentist then i want to select a geographical area in Philippines then i would easy choose but the scope of your business begins to enlarge because of the geographical you want to serve called Philippines. If my name is Peter then i am a dentist you would buy a domain name this domain name is easy to memorized also it is run by a single person only peter.


But if i want to join in the affiliate company making referrals online then i would name the dental company this give you a international name that your target clients are both physical and cyber markert called the online market. Again you need to determine which target you want to work strongly in you business margin.

For example if my target clients are in Cebu and my special services is dental implants then i want to buy the domain name this give me higher edge to my competitor in my location area. Again i would add an anchor link using the google business map and also the social platform using the facebook and post content , images and video. This help me move to the 1st page in google website search also known as the seo.


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