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45 million stolen in the bank


Banks are commonly attack by advance smart hacks and they are increasing every year. News and headline are popping every year that advance smart hacks gain access to steal critical information in the banks and steal nano seconds in electronic transfer. How can we really trust the corporate banks if multiple accounts can be stolen in a few seconds or hours ? We call this as Red Flag Bank collapse since the civilian citizen from different countries can called them self as¬†dark anonymous or the unknown. They can be trace and targeted thru ip address. If human ip address doesn’t exist yet then hacking can be scary issue . Millions of currency can be stolen as data leak down by unauthorized user keys. The power of unauthorized person is frighting giving a collapse to our banks unexpectedly . Security are always increasing but the people who are highly respected or higher authority¬† will sometimes betray their powerful administrator rights into hacking advantages. The security investigation will take time but the damages and reputation of the banks has been stolen.


Cyber thieves steal $45-million in matter of hours

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