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4Powerful Website Assets

The people who change the world give useful service online they become  millionaire and billionaire  because they are able to provide great impact to the world and integrate the web-system into universal language . Biggest social network knows that “Customer are your greatest asset” . Your website is an asset when you are able to communicate with to the masses from kids, teenager , adult and gold age.

Take a look on this  blue chips company listed below such;

google , yahoo , facebook & twitter.

Example the legacy of GOOGLE how they gain usability to the masses they  focus to be the king in search engine query.  Most people use google when they try to search online rather than using the yahoo.  Everybody love the google when it comes to seaching any information can be search.

YAHOO on the other line of business focus on the current global news and trends. While FACEBOOK are really great in sharing photos online in the social network. Most people like facebook for the reason it is easy and fun to use specially watching nice photo faces online. TWITTER on the other hand share large number of real-time instant txt messages globally online  then updated add-on such as video and photos.

The bottom line is all of this blue chips company are able to give 100% satisfaction to the masses. Of course! they invested great system architecture on their powerful warehouse  called the max security dedicated server plus the real-time data backups that is refile and go live constantly . It took time for them to perfect the back-end data system design which is constantly changing in evolution practices because of smart hackers are constantly on attacks.



Take note on this:  The more popular your website the greater the amount of attacks in cyber crime.







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