How to detect fake 500 peso 5 ways how to detect fake 500 peso
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5 ways how to detect fake 500 peso

First : Touch the letter REPUBLIKA NG PILIPINAS

Feel the rough money and run your fingers through it. Because real money is made of cotton and Abaca while  fake money made of smooth paper.

The images should also be raised. The texts, such a “Republika ng Pilipinas” on the top portion, the amount in words at the bottom.

Second: Look for the embedded watermark

The blank white area on the front part of all Philippine bills have watermark that match the image on the left. Use a flash light to see the watermark by putting the money against the light and tilting it a bit. The image of the bill, as well as the denomination can be seen on the right side.

Third: Find the security mark threads of each denomination

500, and 1000-peso bills are 4mm wide. The 4mm security threads appear stitch-like and metallic color  that also change in color depending on the angle.

Forth: Look the Optically Variable Device patches for 500 and 1000-Peso

The 500 and the 1000-peso bills reflectives round patches on the left front side of the bill. These patches change color when you rotated the bill. In these patches, you will see a small BSP (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas) logo for each denomination with a Blue-naped Parrot for the 500 bills.

Fifth: Check the txt messages from the right side moving serial number the letter number from small into big number.


Things to remember: 

Serial numbers with two prefix letters and six to seven-digit numbers in increasing size;
Embedded red and blue fibers  under UV light;
The metallic security threads of larger denominations have the denomination and the initials of BSP repeatedly in small prints.
The back has a repeated micro-prints of BSP initials.

Be wise and be smart some business money. Some money are mixed with fake money.



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