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6 steps to acquire money.

  • – Write the goal you want. Say with believed i desire to earn 300k /per month
  • -What services can you give to the people? Describe all details.
  • -Date and time you can get the money.
  • -Begin with action. Take massive action. No matter how many times you failed.
  • -Describe the money vividly
  • -See and believed by saying 3 time a day.
  • – Desire with obsession

Example was Thomas Edison toke 10,000 failure before he make an electricity . It is a waste of time for the people who think logically. But for the people who are patience and perseverance’s they think differently with a positive self-talk saying to them self I just find plenty of ways to be successful.

Frame of mind peruses your action into right results.

No one is ready of success if he doesn’t see believed.
Desire + faith + massive action = results.

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