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Action task in webdevelopment

When starting a new task in developing a website you need a do list hobbies.  Write  things  down before you start. A ship without a direction will loose direction.  Of course ! You need to think smarter and better on your competitors. Plenty of website are are born everyday but not all website are successful due to luck of time planning. First. First thing is first in developing a website. If the action task are poorly executed then the results are would end-up as failure.

Failure means the site is not getting cash only a liability to both parties the client and the time of the webdeveloper.

Know the scope of the website.  If the website sitemap is to big then one developer will take long time to accomplish. Their are task that are easy to perform. Master the art of delegation improve your speed performances in getting things done faster then working alone. Webdeveloper can delegate this simple task  so they can just focus on the difficult task.When the site is finish it is important to test the backend and frontend to minimize the bugs. Bugs are really time consuming and can exhaust your time.

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Always write down the do list before you starting developing a website.  Be specific and details on the action planner


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