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Anonymous violate the rules

Commercial webapps such as twitter , facebook , google , weebly , youtube , yola , wordpress, drupalgarden  & several open source providers are constantly traffic and servers are exhausted from time to time. The company  invest time and hard effort to built latest trends in system architecture acquiring the highest quality standard to deployed multiple dedicated server and backups for the global users benefits. But  the abusive users ( known as anonymous or hackers  )  are crushing the data beyond the limitation boundaries one of the solution is to  block users ip and removed the user from the directory address since it is a virus to the system.

Advice from the users don’t violate the rules in commercial webapps. The System Administrator can removed you on their finger tips using the  master control dashboard at anytime.

Most people don’t realized that reading the legal terms are important they just  click or check the small box and agree anything because it is too long to read or waste of time.

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