To help every individual business grow and prosper build intelligence website that creates assets using the headstartcms technology. If the business prosper then clients are willing to to pay for another develop for their next website . The more intelligences the website the better cashflow the business acquire. If the … Continue reading

I just listen this napoleon hill personal development. To become enterpreneur one must have this following skills: Training and Specialized Knowledge Applied Faith Serve more what you are paid for Pleasing Personality Faith Positive mental attitude Self- desciple balance your emotion enthusiasm concentration Accurate thinking learn from your defeat and … Continue reading

Business stays up when their is constant innovation. Big corporation business without room of improvement will decline and start to manage the business thru  down size. The job of the corporate business is to be a leader and expand more territories to provide best services. Most traditional of business never … Continue reading

The website that doesn’t make money is a liability to your investment.  You may have the best webdesign but if it doesn’t make money it is a liability expenses out of your pocket. When your website is born  for 1 year and no money coming inn. Then it is time … Continue reading