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Backup your website monthly

Website are suddenly suspended specially the shared hosting without backups you loss the data and your website is down for days or weeks.  The crucial part in website if you have thousands of information and multiple entry traffic then suddenly it stop because of not following the terms and conditions.
Drupal backups has effective module resources to get your database secured if you configured the right settings.  Everytime you make a backup make sure the version you are using is compatible to the system restoration.
Getting the right ingredience modules must be similar before the restoration is 100% completely effective. Some of the common errors is using latest version while in fact the technology you are using is a old version example of this is version6.1 won’t be compatible to version 6.5 because the syntax  scripts have different root address directories. Every website have different versions technologies it is best to always practice the standard methods.

This are the some of the process :
First recognized the version and modules you are using in your website.
Second  if you are using the old version then use same version to restore the database.
Third find the big community which opensource you are using example are wordpress , joomla , drupal , concrete5 and so on. Each platform has different process in system restoration.
Fourth always make a back of your website every day , week and month. If you have thousands of new entry information then it would be best everyday.
Fifth setup your website to auto backups or find 3rd party company if you have little knowledge in backup.

Six always do a test demo rather than making assumptions this cause failure due to procrastination habits.
I am just mentioning few methods but their are plenty of ways on how to backup your websites.


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