Best developers create more assets Best developers create more assets
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Best developers create more assets

Selling your skills and talent is important aside from technical skills. Without knowing the art of selling someone will leverage your skills in the corporate world. The corporate leverage the brains of the developers giving them more task to solve their problem. Most technical webdevelopers doesn’t know how to sell their skills. They think technically without knowing the business side of the webdevelopment.

Best developers create more assets to their clients in the digital business. Without assets clients would think closing the account rather than maintaining the account. If the website is making money it stays online but if the website is only a cost or liability it is best to close the website and find and hire new webdeveloper that create asset for them.

Website is your office it it makes money. If not better to fire your webdeveloper and find new stuff. We have seen the massive outsourcing company hiring smart and intelligent people in the 3rd world country but the brains and talents are world class standard or what we called the pro developers.

I am fired if i am liability in the business. But i can be an great assets if the corporate make more money than me so they can pay salary or extra bonuses. If you want to be the best developer you need to enrich others before you can enrich your self.

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