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Best webdeveloper are dedicated to server

Dedicated webdeveloper are dedicated to server their clients in a win to win situation. Give the clients strong support to create a web assets. To be the best one must continues sharpen his knowledge of expertise. This requires skills to manage time and finish each development projects. The assets of the developers is to create artificial intelligence to the website giving all the support and  training to the clients to grow and prosper.

Dedication is diffecult if it is not your calling in life. Example Michel Jordan didn’t go to running competition he choose his skills and expertise in baseketball. He tried in baseball but failed.
If you are called to be the best in drupal developer this requires dedication. If you are called to be a master in wordpress then you need to focus. If you are called in ecommerces  using magento platform then be dedicated to be a guru in your skills. You may go and try other platform but you will still go back to your platform that really fits in your potentials.  Skills needs to be practice so you get all the luck in your dedication work.


I hear from Donald Trump podcast the harder you practice the luckier you get same true in our skills as a developer.

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