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Brand name your contents

Speed-up your content is copy and paste. I say your are your are declining faster your website ranking because google intelligences analysis each content algorithm. Before copy and paste was just a smart idea to keep your website full of information. Yet I find out that I am block from google search query. From that moment on all my content from that website I create are genuine content.

Many take advantages just coping content fromĀ  other website. But this not professional practice in leveraging information. If all you do is copy and paste content better create a facebook-page and copy your resources their rather on your website. This is one way to keep your media sharing. But never of your primary website since you will loose your identity and a brand name.

Once you have a brand name they are establish but if you just copy content better practice as an expert editorial rather than copy 100% of the content. My advices stay focus on your content and keep moving your thoughts in your keyboard. Make it a hobby to enjoy writing otherwise you had to pay for a content writer to keep your website moving. The price range of the ghost writer are from $99-$499 depending on your skills they have. Have nice day and enjoy reading my blogs. Thanks!

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