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cloud access damage your files

The cloud access has given the advantages to speed us the network at anywhere. Also in the other hand it has also damage confidential files that are handled with the wrong people in the organization. Data integrity must be properly damage otherwise you might end up loosing confidential files such as docs , videos and images and several other files…

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a2hosting vs 1and1 webhosting – which is the best webhosting

A2hosting has a strong webhosting compare to 1and1. A2hosting give you the full scale and complex in building your website fast. The a2hosting is build-in to optimized your hosting also addon future such as the cloudflare speed up your website in any geographical location.  The performance in a2hosting is very great and has a good server best for the webdeveloper…

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Full stock developers job description

The global recruitment team always want the smart guys working for them so they hunt down and leverage the brains of the web developers. But their are 3 type of the developers the front-end , back-end and the full scale developers which is also known as Full stock developers. Most of the recruitment in Linkedin choose the full stock developers…

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palawan-express vs paypal
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Palawan express vs paypal

Palawan Express is widely used all over in Philippines because all traffic territory has a branches Palawan express. Very say fast and affordable rate. The business time frame is Monday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. depending of the branch offices. Ask your nearest branch what time they open and close then get palawan sulit card to get…

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How to removed footer Storefront designed by WooThemes

Thinking of make some changes in the footer. Location address to edit the  footer Storefront designed by WooThemes. wp-content/themes/storefront Go to theme then change the line60 /storefront/inc/structure/footer.php LINE60 function storefront_credit() { ?> <div class=”site-info”> <?php echo esc_html( apply_filters( ‘storefront_copyright_text’, $content = ‘&copy; ‘ . get_bloginfo( ‘name’ ) . ‘ ‘ . date( ‘Y’ ) ) ); ?> <?php if ( apply_filters(…

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4 Steps on how to use your gcash and eoncard.

Gcash and unionbank online ecommerce as integrated into 1 service provider. 4 Steps on how to use your gcash and eoncard ? 1. Go to any globe center near you & fill up a form.Present a valid ID. HOW TO WITHDRAW GCASH FUNDS? 2. Go to any globe center 3. Any participating outlets like m lhuillier & etc. 4. GCASH…

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Using a voice message in your website

The speakpipe recently update the apps into html widget easy to embed and install in your website. Received voice message anywhere you go. If need help email us or shoot a message in twitter or facebook. – HTML5 version of the widget The widget now uses browser capabilities to record audio from a microphone. The main benefit is that it…

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Domain names and internet concept
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Domain policy to remember in 1and1

Domain Registration policy to read before you buy a domain. This are the list in 1and1 which help you the overview which domain you want to buy online. When you transfer a domain in 1and1 the process time is between 5-7 days depending on the verification you have proven.   Top-level domain Applicable terms and conditions: .de DENIC Domain Terms…

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