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Using chat in my website

Using chat in your website  24/7 for small business booster your sales  an increase. Traditional chat support are only in desktop or laptop but as the mobile website increase the integration of chat also become for friendly than before. Your chat support is not only limited in desktop or laptop you can run your support in mobile chat support anywhere.…

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analyizing your website mouse clicks

You website gets better and smarter everyday if you make a room of improvment  analyizing every week and month  so you can know the  behavior of your visitors. This requires tools that this best suited into your website . One of the tool i recommend is using the mouseflow and clicktale since they give free accounts at limited resources and…

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Uploading software into your ipad

Things to do when you have error in uploading new your ipad apps: 1.) Check if your itune account is login or logout. Make sure you already login. 2.)If you don’t have an account register a new account and verify it in your email. 3.) Go to SETTINGS and go to store. 4.) View Account which country you are using.…

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Using disqus in your website

Adding disqus application to your website increase topics and forms. To use the power of disqus you need to configure the api to leverage the application. In wordpress most of the developers are using this and from the static month of August2013 the website who are using this apps reaches at 1million this means the apps is very powerful and…

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Voice talk website

Leveraging your voices and music in the web needs the plugin power of the soundcloud. Soundcloud leverage your music into embedded scripts where anyone can  copy and paste if your setup into public but if you want to keep your music secured then you have to setup into private. Free account in soundcloud is limited in storage. If you want…

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Amazing google apps

Many people are using gmail but most of them didn’t spend time all the benefits and functionality of gmail because it is time consuming to learn.  Most of the people using gmail for email purposes but google has expand the platform to higher territories more than just email apps. It allow you to empower and leverage your business to another…

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