The maximum storage for free account in google drive is 15GB. If you want to go beyond your storage you need to update your level entry to another entry 100GB cost you $24 per year in peso it is 1,040.00 if your files are very important and you need to … Continue reading

  Yolanda in Philippines give damages and destory several towns. The destruction force of nature are massively powerful to destory each town and country. This situation will happened in our servers sabotage when calamities hits a country . International weather monitoring groups have tagged “Yolanda” (international name Haiyan) a super … Continue reading

Opensources website are always updated constantly because webdevelopment is constantly evolving in high security level. But the problem is unpredictable bugs occurs to your database system. When this happened it is important to be always be prepared in any sudden bugs. Always create a folder to all your scripts , … Continue reading

Backup your website code are the vital equation in your website to protect and leverage your information assets. When the website increase in traffic this means profit but due to unpredictable attacks of hacking your website needs to backup constantly in real-time so when the your site collapse suddenly you … Continue reading

Choose wisely in your webhosting to anticipate situations when  server collapse. Choosing  multiple server backup with real-time redandancy from different countries is one of the best hosting you want invest on to your website. We hear news and rumors of world war 3 will occur anytime and giving high treats … Continue reading