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1and1 moving to namecheap

Why moving your 1and1 to namecheap? Loyal customer of 1and1 will move their domain if credit card is about to expire and you have enough funds into your account.  Advices is to deposit apart of your funding in namecheap so the time you want to transfer you have enough fundings to transfer your domain name because your domain name can …

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Cloud Website Storage

Restoring your files needs a data center to restore all your loose files. This data center are also known as cloud web access since they cannot be seen in ip location where they are actually located. You may track the ip location but it is only a decoy ip or fake to keep the data on privacy. The real ip…

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Website core versions performances

  Optimizing your performance security by updating the latest version in the platform you are using example drupal , wordpress and joomla since this are the biggest community in opensources platforms.  Each platform version has a life span of security protection. The more you update your website into latest core version the better you are protected rather than just stuck…

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Backup your website monthly

Website are suddenly suspended specially the shared hosting without backups you loss the data and your website is down for days or weeks.  The crucial part in website if you have thousands of information and multiple entry traffic then suddenly it stop because of not following the terms and conditions. Drupal backups has effective module resources to get your database…

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Website traffic www2 and www3

Popular website with heavy loads of traffic operates the business constantly without down time. Even they if they need to update the databases and security constantly using  www2 , and www3 leverage the information mirror assets to run the website fast without sudden interruption or down time . A sudden interruption will causes big looses of profit in the business.…

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Get Drupal latest core security

Drupal is the King in CMS platform to move ahead your website must get latest trends in security standards implementation. The more popular the open sources platform the brutal attacks are constantly knocking down your site to hack the important data. Open sources are open to all specially the people who are interested to leverage the scripts. Open sources for…

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Drupal is hacked reset your password

The King in open sources  Drupal is Hack by anonymous. The popularity of Drupal overwhelm to the hard core hackers. The password of the users are stolen the advised of headstartcms users must reset passwords on all other sites most specially similar passwords to and Common practice to users without security hazard is repeating same old password to…

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Dot chips in hacking

China are manufacturing various technologies at a affordable price to the world. If a tiny dot chips  are embed secretly to the devices with a program to control ,  truck and access any embedded devices such as mobile , gadgets ,laptop , netbook ,  telecom  , security server , backup server  , warehouse server , data center server and special…

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4Powerful Website Assets

The people who change the world give useful service online they become  millionaire and billionaire  because they are able to provide great impact to the world and integrate the web-system into universal language . Biggest social network knows that “Customer are your greatest asset” . Your website is an asset when you are able to communicate with to the masses…

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Yahoo Japan is hack by anonymous

The risk of trusting your data 100% from the blue chips company such as YAHOO may collapse all your data assets suddenly because of high traffic ranking giving the anonymous smart hackers to pass the gateway account as good user of deceptive .  High ranking and traffic in search engine is critical because nobody knows who is the anonymous smart…

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