When you want to apply for a job plenty of tools you have to learn and practice and continue reading. Below are just some of the list. The basic needs to learn are the fundamental are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript being controlled by your computer’s browser. http://stylus-lang.com https://getbootstrap.com http://lesscss.org https://sass-lang.com … Continue reading

How to make a marketing questions for your customer to reply email form you. You need smart questions to market your services online. By making them give overview questions they will ask how can i make an improvement. This are the master key questions you need to ask to your … Continue reading

Ecommerces website vs rented space is a battle how could win in the market place and increase sales to stay in business. We have seen radical changes  how amazon.com , ebay.com, lazada.com , jazzy24.com  and zalora making business in the market without a rented spaces. We will take a deep closer how business is done in … Continue reading

First: You need to analyze the competition of the algorithmic query of other website competition. This means you need to get the core query of each content.   Question: How can i move faster ahead of other website content What query should i make to move ahead ? What title … Continue reading