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a2hosting vs 1and1 webhosting – which is the best webhosting

A2hosting has a strong webhosting compare to 1and1. A2hosting give you the full scale and complex in building your website fast. The a2hosting is build-in to optimized your hosting also addon future such as the cloudflare speed up your website in any geographical location.  The performance in a2hosting is very great and has a good server best for the webdeveloper…

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Using whois to buy primary domain.

Find-out who is the owner of the domain registered in the website. Get all information of the real people in the domain they just registered. Know the expiration date of the domain you want to buy. If you want to get private name then buy in 1and1 and your name remain private.   source:https://registrar.1and1.info/domains_raa/whois

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Domain policy to remember in 1and1

Domain Registration policy to read before you buy a domain. This are the list in 1and1 which help you the overview which domain you want to buy online. When you transfer a domain in 1and1 the process time is between 5-7 days depending on the verification you have proven.   Top-level domain Applicable terms and conditions: .de DENIC Domain Terms…

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Is your website live or off-line ?

Is your website live or off-line ? When i was developing a site i thought that the site was live but is was offline. In my web-browser i can see was only the cookies or session entry. Using a tools that i just brown can help you see your site is visible or not. The problem of mozilla and google…

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Addon domain is dependent in main domain

Addon domains is dependent into your main domain name if you main domain i close then the whole addon domain suddenly clapse  or down or suspended but the directory of each domain is safe because it is in the sublevel domain specially when you add more scripts or editing codes. The advantage of using the parkdomain is it belongs to…

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1and1 partner with cloudflare

The king and leader of domain registration 1and1 partner with cloudflare. When i visit the backend dashboard panel of 1and1 they addon the security of CDN powered by cloudflare. Cloudflare empower your website with security and speeding up the data delivery which give you high ranking to google and other search engine tools. Cloudflare now has 23 data centers around…

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Website code protection

Backup your website code are the vital equation in your website to protect and leverage your information assets. When the website increase in traffic this means profit but due to unpredictable attacks of hacking your website needs to backup constantly in real-time so when the your site collapse suddenly you don’t need to worry. The codeguard is one of the…

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