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.com vs . website

The .com are general use and primary name when using for your business name. This domain has a highest ranking compare using the .website meanwhile the .website are second generic name or alternative name if .com is already taken.For example i want to use You can see the last extension name is .website which is easy to remember for…

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Website brandname

Build a brandname on your website.Partner with the right person to create a strong company brand. If you hire every body your in trouble but if you are wise and clever to choices the right person your business is growing. The hard thing of working alone is you have no free time. If you work alone you own a job…

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Limitation of 1person on each domain name

The more you expand your domain name needs working force both frontend and backend.The limitation of 1 person is different with 3 person working together. The more people working with you. Will also cost liability to the project because you cannot monitor the movement of each individual progress if you don’t have a managerial skills. Labor cost hunts down your…

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Is your website live or off-line ?

Is your website live or off-line ? When i was developing a site i thought that the site was live but is was offline. In my web-browser i can see was only the cookies or session entry. Using a tools that i just brown can help you see your site is visible or not. The problem of mozilla and google…

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See a vision in your domain name

When buying a domain name see a longer term vision road. This give you higher edge in business. Your domain is the master search query giving access to the global address. If you buy a domain name to invest make sure that return of investment is faster. Many domain investors are purchasing as many as they could because of the…

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domain master contents

Your domain are the master contents of all your articles , blogs ,¬† topics and forums you need to focus.If your domain is only write the topics about dogs never try to go against the flow which is To be specific is to stay focus on your website domain commitment and dedication to expand more territories. The hobby…

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Addon domain is dependent in main domain

Addon domains is dependent into your main domain name if you main domain i close then the whole addon domain suddenly clapse¬† or down or suspended but the directory of each domain is safe because it is in the sublevel domain specially when you add more scripts or editing codes. The advantage of using the parkdomain is it belongs to…

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1and1 partner with cloudflare

The king and leader of domain registration 1and1 partner with cloudflare. When i visit the backend dashboard panel of 1and1 they addon the security of CDN powered by cloudflare. Cloudflare empower your website with security and speeding up the data delivery which give you high ranking to google and other search engine tools. Cloudflare now has 23 data centers around…

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