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1and1 partner with cloudflare

The king and leader of domain registration 1and1 partner with cloudflare. When i visit the backend dashboard panel of 1and1 they addon the security of CDN powered by cloudflare. Cloudflare empower your website with security and speeding up the data delivery which give you high ranking to google and other search engine tools. Cloudflare now has 23 data centers around…

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Website code protection

Backup your website code are the vital equation in your website to protect and leverage your information assets. When the website increase in traffic this means profit but due to unpredictable attacks of hacking your website needs to backup constantly in real-time so when the your site collapse suddenly you don’t need to worry. The codeguard is one of the…

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Cloudflare intelligences

Cloudflare has 23 datacenters  base from wikipedia April 2013 one of the famous band is powered by cloudflare. The intelligences of your website increase as you partner with cloudflare specially if you update your account into pro because the SSL is included  with plenty of great benefits. But if you are new in using cloudflare basic services can give…

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1and1 moving to namecheap

Why moving your 1and1 to namecheap? Loyal customer of 1and1 will move their domain if credit card is about to expire and you have enough funds into your account.  Advices is to deposit apart of your funding in namecheap so the time you want to transfer you have enough fundings to transfer your domain name because your domain name can …

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Cloud Website Storage

Restoring your files needs a data center to restore all your loose files. This data center are also known as cloud web access since they cannot be seen in ip location where they are actually located. You may track the ip location but it is only a decoy ip or fake to keep the data on privacy. The real ip…

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firehost cloud optimized

If you are searching for cloud hosting choose firehost hosting. This hosting is fully optimized to perform beyond limitation with highest security level. This are the comparison to other hosting companies like rackspace cloud , terremark vcloud express, azure ,  hp cloud , dell cloud and amazon ec2. Hardware, software, systems, and configuration designed specifically for high-performance, production workloads meet…

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Website traffic www2 and www3

Popular website with heavy loads of traffic operates the business constantly without down time. Even they if they need to update the databases and security constantly using  www2 , and www3 leverage the information mirror assets to run the website fast without sudden interruption or down time . A sudden interruption will causes big looses of profit in the business.…

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