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3 Advice in buying competitive business domain name in the global market

When you think about your domain name you need to recognized that the Global market is very competitive margin anyone can view your website and study the strength and weakness of your digital assets. What we do is determine the competitiveness of your own business. If i am a dentist then i want to select a geographical area in Philippines…

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10 ways how can my website be found in 1st page in google

First: You need to analyze the competition of the algorithmic query of other website competition. This means you need to get the core query of each content.   Question: How can i move faster ahead of other website content What query should i make to move ahead ? What title do i need to write that influence the reader ?…

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Domain age checker for website

This tools x-ray your opponent weakness and strength if you know how to use it your website will make changes step by step. Nothing is short-cut but a process of journey. The checker give you an overview of all your opponent online. It also give a loophole to your registration. The best way is to protect your privacy to main…

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Website domain was suspended in namecheap

When your domain is expired your domain is automatically suspended so you need to renew using your paypal , visa and mastercard. If your account was renewed but still suspended maybe your whois was auto renewal but you don’t have enough fund. Lesson learned review your domain and whois  expiration date. IF  your are suspended pay the bill first before…

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.com vs . website

The .com are general use and primary name when using for your business name. This domain has a highest ranking compare using the .website meanwhile the .website are second generic name or alternative name if .com is already taken.For example i want to use You can see the last extension name is .website which is easy to remember for…

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See a vision in your domain name

When buying a domain name see a longer term vision road. This give you higher edge in business. Your domain is the master search query giving access to the global address. If you buy a domain name to invest make sure that return of investment is faster. Many domain investors are purchasing as many as they could because of the…

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domain master contents

Your domain are the master contents of all your articles , blogs ,  topics and forums you need to focus.If your domain is only write the topics about dogs never try to go against the flow which is To be specific is to stay focus on your website domain commitment and dedication to expand more territories. The hobby…

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