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How to make a curve on the block in drupal7

The more you practice and explore more drills the better you can level-up your css also read more in css books or pdf files it will enhance your skills. You can also buy tutorials or free using youtube. Get the selector or the id of the block then add for example:  border-radius: 25px;   #block15 { border-radius: 25px; background: #73AD21; padding: 20px; width: 200px; height: 150px; }…

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Full stock developers job description

The global recruitment team always want the smart guys working for them so they hunt down and leverage the brains of the web developers. But their are 3 type of the developers the front-end , back-end and the full scale developers which is also known as Full stock developers. Most of the recruitment in Linkedin choose the full stock developers…

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Modules for your gallery box in drupal

Modules needed for your gallery box for your drupal website. All module must be installed to work properly. This enhance you to use your mouse when you make changes in your gallary box. It is will work properly if the version are not compatible. If need help in your installation kindly send us a note in or Vesion…

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I have a browser problem with my internet explorer in drupal7 theme ?

You can choose which will work in the strategies here from the list below: List of strategies 1. add two the line to settings.php, to sure not released with compression $conf[‘css_gzip_compression’] = FALSE; $conf[‘js_gzip_compression’] = FALSE;   2. enable the ( Aggregate and compress CSS files.) in the configuration performances 3. I have a browser problem with my internet explorer…

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Developer & Deployment Tools

There are a lot of powerful developer and deployment tools that are available for Drupal, and they can make your life a lot easier. This guide will walk you through the most commonly used tools, Drush and Features, with a look at the Git version control system as well. WebTools to use are: Devel – Drush –[]=103 Feautures – Git  – If…

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