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OLX vs Lazada best ecommerce in Philippines

The increase number of buyer online has dramatically increase into 101% the  increase buyers online has exploded of opportunity of each individuals to buy cheaper price compare in the store. Now we begin at analysis who wins the market. We begin first in OLX how do olx makes money online the company make money thru  advertising and google ads.  Example…

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10 reasons using Paypal for your website ecommerce

Paypal remains at the top highest level when it ecommerces platform. Thousand of ecommerces api for your website such a 2checkout , google wallet and many more. Every year alot of newbies company of ecommerce gateway are born but paypal always stay the best ecommerce platform. Why paypal  remains the best for your ecommerce business ? This are the following…

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Best developers create more assets

Selling your skills and talent is important aside from technical skills. Without knowing the art of selling someone will leverage your skills in the corporate world. The corporate leverage the brains of the developers giving them more task to solve their problem. Most technical webdevelopers doesn’t know how to sell their skills. They think technically without knowing the business side…

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Similar website innovation

Visiting other website with similar business with you give you a change to innovate your website at the best performances. If you are the developer and webmaster you need to ask your self how can I innovate my website better than my competitor. When your website is increase in traffic and not generating sales lead. There is a problem in…

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a2hosting apps for the vps

Comparing other hosting provider give you an overview which is the best quality and price. This give me freedom of choose so to press forward using the a2hosting for my vps hosting. The support are excellent and quality server hardware systems. Use the LUCK34 to get 34% discount first entry upon purchasing the services. Good luck! in your search query…

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Leveraging outsourcing to the 3rd world country

Your world is not limited in territories. The world you are living is a flat world where lingual of countries share one priorities the sharing of information. People buy information to leverage time and convinient. Outsourcing job is so common that everybody wants to save time and money. First world country leverage their money to multiply in third world country…

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