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Civilian hacking increase in numbers December2013

Websites are the gold of today currencies and has been attack everyday. Recently a new virus attack social media platform the facebook , google , yahoo and linkedin the other social media. Passward are stolen and are being hack recently this month of dec.2013. This hacking is always increase in numbers as civilians increase in knowledge and information to access…

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Cloudflare intelligences

Cloudflare has 23 datacenters  base from wikipedia April 2013 one of the famous band is powered by cloudflare. The intelligences of your website increase as you partner with cloudflare specially if you update your account into pro because the SSL is included  with plenty of great benefits. But if you are new in using cloudflare basic services can give…

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Website is decline in ranking

Your website is decline by google if you don’t add new content daily since google intelligences is to fast and to smart to analysis in knowing the statistics your website. Most of the search globally are powered by google. One way to have a good ranking is to have your own ip address most of the website that are running…

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IPv6 global world

Google has adopt the trends in IPV6 giving the higher edge to transition to change the world of internet capacity. Google is influential to the global market when google make changes everybody makes the changes .The IPv4 is old and needs replacement into new version called the IPV6. Why change IPv4 into IPv6 ? The answer is IPv6 has a…

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