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Civilian hacking increase in numbers December2013

Websites are the gold of today currencies and has been attack everyday. Recently a new virus attack social media platform the facebook , google , yahoo and linkedin the other social media. Passward are stolen and are being hack recently this month of dec.2013. This hacking is always increase in numbers as civilians increase in knowledge and information to access…

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Voice talk website

Leveraging your voices and music in the web needs the plugin power of the soundcloud. Soundcloud leverage your music into embedded scripts where anyone can  copy and paste if your setup into public but if you want to keep your music secured then you have to setup into private. Free account in soundcloud is limited in storage. If you want…

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TMD hosting memory limited increase into 378Mb

The TMD-hosting company increase the default php memory limit into  378Mb. Most of the company only give the maximum of 256mb other company give even less 126Mb. But to empower your website you need to partners with the Cloudflare to accelerate the performance. If you want to use cloudflare  the easiest way is to partner your hosting in a2hosting since…

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Anonymous violate the rules

Commercial webapps such as twitter , facebook , google , weebly , youtube , yola , wordpress, drupalgarden  & several open source providers are constantly traffic and servers are exhausted from time to time. The company  invest time and hard effort to built latest trends in system architecture acquiring the highest quality standard to deployed multiple dedicated server and backups…

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