Websites are the gold of today currencies and has been attack everyday. Recently a new virus attack social media platform the facebook , google , yahoo and linkedin the other social media. Passward are stolen and are being hack recently this month of dec.2013. This hacking is always increase in … Continue reading

First of all you don’t need to worry about using your credit card in paypal for verification. The use of verification is security level for all the users to prevent to unauthorized people. Security are constantly updated every second , minutes and hours specially the leader in online payment which … Continue reading

When it is your  first time to transfer your domain name from another provider it is risky since luck of experience and knowledge. It is also fatal to experiment to loose your domain assets. But their are times that you need to transfer your domain name because of personal or … Continue reading

In the process of website development project it is important to have a (Term of agreement)   to have a strong communication skills in both parties. Failure to go this process will have miscommunication and project stops due to poor communication og both parties. Verbal and writtern must be done to … Continue reading