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Bitcoin website listing

This are the list of website you can visit for your bitcoin investment digital currency. 1. Milli  Milli also has a very active support comment section where users can voice their concerns and get direct support within 24 hours. 2. Bitcoin Aliens Bitcoin Aliens pays you for playing a game, and one that’s fun to boot. 3. Bonus Bitcoin Best…

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Shopee vs carousell camparison

The website shopee has exploded with alot of traffic moving and going on this website. Shopee has more functionality for the users to post their products unlimited items since it is still in the process of stabalizing the technology. The strenght is in mobile ecommerce friendly interface where you can easily post all your products using your mobile. The photos…

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Website marketing questions webdesign and seo

Think big about asking intelligently in your website marketing questions. This are the key examples yo need to ask to your clients. Below are the guideline questions that will help you improve your website dramatically. Need assistance sent as an email or call us. Is your website designed to attract customer as well as search engines? (For the Website design)…

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Webdevelopers must deliver the results

Webdevelopers are professional if they deliver results. Most developers with highly skilled done the task fast and easy because of experiences in other hand corporate leverage their skills by maximizing the job task. If the task if easy developers find it boring. But if the project is very hard it could be pressure and stressful for developers. Knowing the strength…

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pop-up email subscriber

Getting more traffic on your website needs weekly and monthly newsletter to your visitors. This is one strategies of email marketing. This allow you to get in touch with your clients and know them better on their needs. Sending free information to your clients give them important on the trends and needs. Your website is an office and each visitors…

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Website brandname

Build a brandname on your website.Partner with the right person to create a strong company brand. If you hire every body your in trouble but if you are wise and clever to choices the right person your business is growing. The hard thing of working alone is you have no free time. If you work alone you own a job…

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Similar website innovation

Visiting other website with similar business with you give you a change to innovate your website at the best performances. If you are the developer and webmaster you need to ask your self how can I innovate my website better than my competitor. When your website is increase in traffic and not generating sales lead. There is a problem in…

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