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vine apps for your mobile

The vine apps is a looping video that creates a fast movement of subliminal marketing to give your memory recognized fast and easy. To long video visitors feels tired watch but with the use of 10 sec. video it creates an energy of excitement giving the visitors to even more like your social media. Vine apps mobile is a powerful…

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First 4 digits in mobile Philippines.

First 4 digit in mobile references in Philippines. Useful information to know which mobile phone your friend or clients are  using the sun , globe , smart and any network. Every company has strength and weakness. Easily detect the 4 first digit using the references or the guideline. 0813 Smart 0817 Globe 0905 Globe or Touch Mobile 0906 Globe or Touch…

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Shout your website in mobile ready.

Testing your website from different devices needs time to get the right timing. You might have a nice website but if you test from any mobile devices the setting changes. To give you a example of perfect website responsive is the the website can interact the right sizes at the right time from any visitors online. The more accurate…

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Leveraging outsourcing to the 3rd world country

Your world is not limited in territories. The world you are living is a flat world where lingual of countries share one priorities the sharing of information. People buy information to leverage time and convinient. Outsourcing job is so common that everybody wants to save time and money. First world country leverage their money to multiply in third world country…

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End-users feedback for new ipad innovations

Technology today is a innovation of better changes as the end-users give more and more feedback for room of improvement. The acceleration of mobile intelligences are moving rapidly to be connected to the global world as one community to communicate and exchange information and services online. The trends of mobilized mobile is a powerful tools for your personal and business…

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Voice talk website

Leveraging your voices and music in the web needs the plugin power of the soundcloud. Soundcloud leverage your music into embedded scripts where anyone can  copy and paste if your setup into public but if you want to keep your music secured then you have to setup into private. Free account in soundcloud is limited in storage. If you want…

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Mobile anywhere to any devices

[YoutubeFancyZoom=v=9GalBu_cEkM] ( Click to watch ) Most of the opensources technologies are converting all the scripts into mobile friendly because of the trends in data communication are accelerating rapidly anywhere. If you technologies or platform you are using is not mobile friendly then the community level will decline gradually since it is not the standard way of website communication. If…

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Website global mobile

Website are all standardized into mobile friendly since information are moving so rapidly in global mobile accessibility. As mobile intelligences increase users from around the world will go mobile for fast information access since it is a touch of the finger tips of your hands. Open sources website technologies must adjust the position to adopt and convert mobile friendly from…

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