Global elite force people to use cashless worldwide due to the corona virus. Touching physical matter or money can easily spread out easily the corona virus. The solution use cashless system to transfer money. China now is transition to become a cashless country. This means global centralization  to convert whole … Continue reading

The future is now and we are moving faster and faster in real time. This is called teleportation in real time. We have not yet use 100% of the human brain but the channel of communication is real time situation this means internet connection is 99% stable. The internet is … Continue reading

Philippines is one of the top countries of have many miss universe below are the list of countries.  Many mix race in the Philippines due to foreigner visiting the country and marry filipina. She is optimistic and positive thinker giving her the higher edge of winning as miss universe 2018. … Continue reading

The increase number of buyer online has dramatically increase into 101% the  increase buyers online has exploded of opportunity of each individuals to buy cheaper price compare in the store. Now we begin at analysis who wins the market. We begin first in OLX how do olx makes money online … Continue reading

Namecheap and 1and1 at promotional price this month of summer Namecheap continue to expand more customers as it give a portant to anyone to invest $1 domain name using the .biz and .us for limitation entry is only 5. Namecheap is recognized to hold the top list of domain registration … Continue reading

  Yolanda in Philippines give damages and destory several towns. The destruction force of nature are massively powerful to destory each town and country. This situation will happened in our servers sabotage when calamities hits a country . International weather monitoring groups have tagged “Yolanda” (international name Haiyan) a super … Continue reading