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OLX vs Lazada best ecommerce in Philippines

The increase number of buyer online has dramatically increase into 101% the  increase buyers online has exploded of opportunity of each individuals to buy cheaper price compare in the store. Now we begin at analysis who wins the market. We begin first in OLX how do olx makes money online the company make money thru  advertising and google ads.  Example…

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Security update to your drupal versions7.26

Security update to your drupal versions7.26 If you are running your website the security measurement must be update from time to time . Specially if your site has a good search query ranking in google. Most site that are attacks belongs to the traffic website . The more traffic the high risk of attack. Security measurement must also be active…

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Pacquiao move faster against Rios

Manny Pacquiao wins the fight against Rios because of his quickness , focus ,persistence and the courage. The fight was dedicated to all the filipinos to give courage and hope. The fight lasted for 12 rounds giving pacman the victory fight. Rios was strong fighter but he already loose the fight when it comes to quicknest. Pacman shows this amazing…

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Yolanda damages several towns in Philippines.

  Yolanda in Philippines give damages and destory several towns. The destruction force of nature are massively powerful to destory each town and country. This situation will happened in our servers sabotage when calamities hits a country . International weather monitoring groups have tagged “Yolanda” (international name Haiyan) a super typhoon, warning the Philippines large numbers of death and destruction…

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Modules changed into new versions

Updated modules keep your website healthy and strong.  Bugs occur when compatibility of the modules doesn’t much the versions your are using. Every versions of the modules has this cycle the time to change into new one just like life cycle of your home electronics.  Changes means better development and environment for the user interface  called as ui environment. If…

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Bill Gates invest educational technology

Teachers are moving in the virtual educational learning to optimized global ways of learning. Bill Gates as computer visionary aid up and invest money in virtual education to further enhance teachers in the fastest era of information age. Bill Gates invest technologies as the ways to improve children education learning. A powerful website intelligences can rate on specific application and…

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Cisco plan to downsizes 4000 jobs

Cisco will be cutting 4000 jobs or or 5 percent of its workforce.  If the company is growing then they will be hiring  more qualified key employee but if the company is loosing profit. They had to plan on advance to slash percentage of the workers. Poor performance of the employee is moving to the right direction into right sizing.…

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