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Philippine internet connection PLDT vs GLOBE

In the Philippines internet connection are monopolized with Globe and PLDT only two big company control the internet. I have heared alot of feedback on the customer that they internet are slow and not stable. Rainy season the internet connection in the Philipplines slow down and are unstable this happened many times. I got a friend who change his PLDT…

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cloud access damage your files

The cloud access has given the advantages to speed us the network at anywhere. Also in the other hand it has also damage confidential files that are handled with the wrong people in the organization. Data integrity must be properly damage otherwise you might end up loosing confidential files such as docs , videos and images and several other files…

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Toxic content leads to multiple contents

Toxic content leads to multiple contents has been copies and paste. This is very common problem when your content dominates all website content. Google has the advance technology that gives your content variable. This will give you the edge to demote and block the bulk spammers to your original made contents. Website without a backlink to your website are called piracy.…

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Wi-Fi network are embed to human

Wi-fi network are embed to human person to track your movement. This gives control to the security of the government. The transmission is so small but very powerful to communicate and track the human being movement. The wi-fi application monitor people and will be embed to human commercially. For now this technology is user privately and is constantly innovated and…

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1and1 partner with cloudflare

The king and leader of domain registration 1and1 partner with cloudflare. When i visit the backend dashboard panel of 1and1 they addon the security of CDN powered by cloudflare. Cloudflare empower your website with security and speeding up the data delivery which give you high ranking to google and other search engine tools. Cloudflare now has 23 data centers around…

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Website code protection

Backup your website code are the vital equation in your website to protect and leverage your information assets. When the website increase in traffic this means profit but due to unpredictable attacks of hacking your website needs to backup constantly in real-time so when the your site collapse suddenly you don’t need to worry. The codeguard is one of the…

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