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Website is suddenly suspended

Many shared hosting are suspended everyday due to the limitation of resources. It is a big trouble when suddenly your website are suspended. Shared hosting is weak account if you see your self in long term usage due to limitation to shared of resources.  I got a friend  who was using a shared hosting for 9 years then suddenly the…

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Why plugins are updated ?

Plugins are constantly updated to keep the code scripts healthy and less bugs  to your core technologies that you are using example joomla , drupal or wordpress. Most highly maintained plugins are activated with new levels of updates every week , month and year. If the plugins are active they are usually updated every week. If the plugins are dying…

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firehost cloud optimized

If you are searching for cloud hosting choose firehost hosting. This hosting is fully optimized to perform beyond limitation with highest security level. This are the comparison to other hosting companies like rackspace cloud , terremark vcloud express, azure ,  hp cloud , dell cloud and amazon ec2. Hardware, software, systems, and configuration designed specifically for high-performance, production workloads meet…

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Forums increase intelligences

Join active forums increase your website intelligences.  Qualify the best people whom you want to  be sorrounded on. Active forums response fast with in 2-3 days if it take time it might be 7-14 days. Be smart and sharp with your questions.  Use social media to increase your traffic the 3 platform that you need to join are facebook ,…

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3 Plugins to stop spamming

When your website becomes popular spamming attacks are constant because for the back links exchange into their website for free. Best solutions is to compare 3 famous plugins or modules to stop spamming this are 3 providers in the net mollom , defensio and akismet.  Aksimet is popular plugin for wordpress while mollom is for king drupal platform. Defensio is for…

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Steps to stop spamming

Spamming comments , forums & copy paste article writers are a trouble in your website and plenty of website are on the dark spot without spam blocker. It is a waste of  time just to delete all the spamming. It is not your job just to spend your time deleting all the spam. So how can we block the spammer?…

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Get Drupal latest core security

Drupal is the King in CMS platform to move ahead your website must get latest trends in security standards implementation. The more popular the open sources platform the brutal attacks are constantly knocking down your site to hack the important data. Open sources are open to all specially the people who are interested to leverage the scripts. Open sources for…

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Website core security

Secure your website with latest core security updates most specially for open sources platform. Most attacks by hackers are open sources because they can focus to study each line codes in the boxes. The more open sources the script the higher the ranking of exploit. Open sources means to the global public who are interested to use the scripts for…

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Facebook error leaks 6million

Data leak has been the pipeline of brutal attacks of loss data assets. Facebook has loss creditability of trust  to the global end users. The amount of harvest data leak information was 6 million. This is huge amount of information the hackers will hunt down the end-users.  Few days from know or month another multiple complain of attacks will be…

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