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Shopee vs carousell camparison

The website shopee has exploded with alot of traffic moving and going on this website. Shopee has more functionality for the users to post their products unlimited items since it is still in the process of stabalizing the technology. The strenght is in mobile ecommerce friendly interface where you can easily post all your products using your mobile. The photos…

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6 marketing questions for website services

How to make a marketing questions for your customer to reply email form you. You need smart questions to market your services online. By making them give overview questions they will ask how can i make an improvement. This are the master key questions you need to ask to your customer.  Use this tools as your guide line then everything…

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Website marketing questions webdesign and seo

Think big about asking intelligently in your website marketing questions. This are the key examples yo need to ask to your clients. Below are the guideline questions that will help you improve your website dramatically. Need assistance sent as an email or call us. Is your website designed to attract customer as well as search engines? (For the Website design)…

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10 ways how can my website be found in 1st page in google

First: You need to analyze the competition of the algorithmic query of other website competition. This means you need to get the core query of each content.   Question: How can i move faster ahead of other website content What query should i make to move ahead ? What title do i need to write that influence the reader ?…

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Free creative works online patreon

The website empower your online viewing in creative ways you can express thru writing or video. Launching your creator page is an important part of getting more and more patrons to your website page and becoming successful in online marketing. The platform give you support to all your creative works in , YouTube  , content creators, musicians, and webcomic artists. Website:…

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flicker vs facebook photo gallery

If you post your photo gallery in flicker their is no limit in time frame since it is design to share photo multiple. Flicker is free for 1 Tera .Meanwhile the facebook if you constantly post photo every minutes your account will be block since you are sharing in across in social media. To much posting in a minutes is…

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Obama strong speech in migrants of United States

President obama in strong speech in social media using the which is the top3 ranking in the world. This video give you a voices of speech. The quality of pixel is clear. The speech is high codec giving visitors to understand what you are saying. The approach is direct attack online.

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Manny Pacquiao social media commercial. It will happened next year

Sport commercial matters in business social media. This video was just uploaded Nov19,2014 yet the viewers and the traffic is massive it will reach 2Million – 3Million viewer with in this year. Get connected with social video The power of media is billion of viewers if you are on the trends. This example is Manny pacquiao in sports

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Bring your notes anywhere evernote

Bring your notes anywhere even without internet connection. Start free and get a better ways of your notes power. Try the!  Access your notes fast whenever you need them on your mobile device, even without a network connection. Great for travel. Which one are you using google drive , noteone or evernote ? Which is the best for you…

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