Mayweather wants 100 million dollar megafight with McGregor

Mayweather plays a smart move making him rich and top list in  highly paid in  sports. The Mayweather mouth talks a lot of passive things about him self in the other side he is a trash talker making the social media excited that he will be beaten by McGregor this year.  Things could happened when it happened Mayweather will be…

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Camera, Sports

SJ9000 action camera store Cebu Philippines

The action camera is great way to feel the excitement of your hobby such as motorbike , mountain bike , scuba diving and other recreational sports. This action camera is almost similar as gopr04 . The price is 3800 peso if you buy in the price estimation of the gopro4 is between 15,000 to 22,000 peso. The differ is price…

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