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Website code protection

Backup your website code are the vital equation in your website to protect and leverage your information assets. When the website increase in traffic this means profit but due to unpredictable attacks of hacking your website needs to backup constantly in real-time so when the your site collapse suddenly you don’t need to worry. The codeguard is one of the…

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Quality price and performance cloud hosting DigitalOcean

Most of the developers are searching a quality server system at best performance. I believed digitalocean is fast rising business cloud hosting. Best price at best performance. This hosting is suited for developers who wants hardware performances and prices. The server are located in Amsterdam , San Francisco and New York.See more the video to know more about the company.…

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Amazing google apps

Many people are using gmail but most of them didn’t spend time all the benefits and functionality of gmail because it is time consuming to learn.  Most of the people using gmail for email purposes but google has expand the platform to higher territories more than just email apps. It allow you to empower and leverage your business to another…

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Add music background to videos.

Everybody wants to share their videos specially in the youtube  channel because it is free and easy to use but did you ever try to explore the beauty of adding music background to all the videos you just uploaded.  Music affect the behavior to your audiences by adding suitable music your audiences  can watch longer period of time rather than…

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