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Voice Quality So Good and very clear

All OBi devices employ state-of-the-art voice encoding and decoding technology, as well as advanced speech optimization techniques to ensure that you can enjoy high quality conversations with every call. Our OBi1000 series desktop IP phones for example, are the first generally available desktop VoIP phones to support OPUS audio technology. Obihai’s innovative implementation of OPUS allows the OBi phone to…

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Voice talk website

Leveraging your voices and music in the web needs the plugin power of the soundcloud. Soundcloud leverage your music into embedded scripts where anyone can  copy and paste if your setup into public but if you want to keep your music secured then you have to setup into private. Free account in soundcloud is limited in storage. If you want…

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Free viber desktop

[YoutubeFancyZoom=v=NEqS5W-KfRw] ( Click here to watch video ) Viber has exploded to the mass media and to the rest of world where communication is free anywhere at anytime. The new viber desktop leverage your personal , professional and business powerful communication. Viber is free call , free photo share , free txt  & free live video streaming . Everybody can…

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