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Cloudflare intelligences

Cloudflare has 23 datacenters  base from wikipedia April 2013 one of the famous band Metallica.com is powered by cloudflare. The intelligences of your website increase as you partner with cloudflare specially if you update your account into pro because the SSL is included  with plenty of great benefits. But if you are new in using cloudflare basic services can give…

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Website ingredients

Developing a website is all about getting the right ingredient that will work for your own business.  The ingredients matters for your website application so you can perform the maximum performance of your business.  When we talk about the ingredients this are the scripts , seo , marketing tools , security , life cycle of your website and most important…

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1and1 moving to namecheap

Why moving your 1and1 to namecheap? Loyal customer of 1and1 will move their domain if credit card is about to expire and you have enough funds into your account.  Advices is to deposit apart of your funding in namecheap so the time you want to transfer you have enough fundings to transfer your domain name because your domain name can …

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Website builder to create money.

Help more people achieved their dreams in creating a passive income in a website builder. We have seen the google site , yola , jimbo, weebly and wix site builder drop and drug creating a strong message to the programmers and developers that none technical people can do it by them self in the web if they give time to…

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Drupal powerful site builder

Drupal amazing site builder has revolutionized your speed of creating a powerful multiple applications in web. The drupal garden leverage your task to optimized your performance in webdesign , customized user rights , hardware server  engineering , multiple modules , configuration , backups , latest update for security and the best drupal ingredients modules.  To be successful in the web…

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Drupal gardens embedded videos

Drupal Gardens embed more videos if it passes the standard qualifications for gardens adoptions. Thousands of embedded tools has not yet been discovered but we know that drupalgardens has the best development tools. For developers and webdesigners to get things faster with high optimized performances. Rather than wasting your time analysis our own needs in customizing your server platform.  Your…

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Selling drupal webdevelopment services

WordPress developer and webdesigner are pretending that they have the skills in drupal development . The fact is when investigate their main website they are using wordpress  platform. Remember that you cannot sell drupal services while in fact you are not using drupal by your self. As a good developer you must practice what you are selling to your clients. …

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Create powerful website CMS

Today business are always in changing trends. Creating a static website are too boring in a rapid changing world. Your website is your marketing tools to generate lead sales nobody wants to visit  your website again if their is no updates. If your website is static it difficult to generate even small amount of traffic. The more traffic in your…

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