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99 Opensources flourish

Open sources laboratory has made a impact and fortune to the people who learn to leverage the information assets. Business are constantly revolutionized with constant updates with  thousands and million of people depending on main resources of information. If the server crashes then the information stops but with the aid and assistance of best systems analysis engineer. Different scenarios from …

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Create Website Assets

Great website are build with great information assets where million people visit & buy leverage of information creating a cash-flow daily , weekly , monthly and yearly on their website assets. Stupid website doesn’t make money only liability getting money at your pocket. To increase your website assets is to establish a domain brand name with powerful information assets.  A…

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Website dashboard

Website dashboard speed things up and see all the  statistics , links , widget , plugins & payment gateways to your updated resources.  Example website dashboard is Google. Google has created a well organized dashboard panel to all of the masses giving them all the access to get things started fast and easy. In developing a dashboard panel for your…

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Focus one website at a time

Focus your web-development in single task until it is 100% complete. Developers , web-designers &  webmasters  are tempted to do multiple task due to emotional ideas and demand of multiple clients. The key is to do first thing first to get fast and best results in your web application. Website are your greatest assets to create opportunity of passive income…

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Developing a CMS website

First thing is first in developing a functionality website called CMS ( Content Management System ). Large functionality website takes time to grow and develop both the front end and back-end. Front End is the physical colorful & theme design you see in your website. Back End is all the functionality scripts and customization to all the user rights and…

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How to setup my subdomain in cloudflare ?

Useful tutorials for the cloudflare subdomain config. Most first time using the cloudflare have trouble getting the right configuration. This will help you for the settings. To use cloudflare on a subdomain, a Cname record needs to be setup for the subdomain for cloudflare to work correctly. To do this, you can create a subdomain (lets call it You…

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Google Checkout change into Google Wallet

Google the king and dominant platform in global services  has change the ecommerces name  google checkout into google wallet. The transition to the system will take gradually specially to the  end users. Learning the tools and educating to the loyal customers . Google wallet give best benefits for the people to buy and sell online fast and easy. Google Checkout…

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Website plan into drupal platform

Great news to the drupal community the biggest profile website, will be joining the King Drupal platform.  We call it King Drupal because big corporate companies are joining the community giving strongest advantages in all platform. has a  100 million unique visitors per month, to my research , will be the heavy traffic Drupal site in existence,…

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