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Using tableless drupal7

Theme expert continue to practice latest tools and development. Momentum in the key to be the best. style.css — The CSS file that sets the CSS rules for the template. node.tpl.php — This file defines the content of the nodes. block.tpl.php — Defines the content of the blocks. comment.tpl.php — Defines the content of the comments. logo.png — Your logo,…

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Website brandname

Build a brandname on your website.Partner with the right person to create a strong company brand. If you hire every body your in trouble but if you are wise and clever to choices the right person your business is growing. The hard thing of working alone is you have no free time. If you work alone you own a job…

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Similar website innovation

Visiting other website with similar business with you give you a change to innovate your website at the best performances. If you are the developer and webmaster you need to ask your self how can I innovate my website better than my competitor. When your website is increase in traffic and not generating sales lead. There is a problem in…

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grow biz
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Business grow with web intellignences

To help every individual business grow and prosper build intelligence website that creates assets using the headstartcms technology. If the business prosper then clients are willing to to pay for another develop for their next website . The more intelligences the website the better cashflow the business acquire. If the webdeveloper ask money without the return of investment or roi…

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Business is growing when innovated.

Business stays up when their is constant innovation. Big corporation business without room of improvement will decline and start to manage the business thru  down size. The job of the corporate business is to be a leader and expand more territories to provide best services. Most traditional of business never adopt in the business ecommerces platform. I hear plenty of…

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Brand name your contents

Speed-up your content is copy and paste. I say your are your are declining faster your website ranking because google intelligences analysis each content algorithm. Before copy and paste was just a smart idea to keep your website full of information. Yet I find out that I am block from google search query. From that moment on all my content…

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Your website is a liability. No cashflow

The website that doesn’t make money is a liability to your investment.  You may have the best webdesign but if it doesn’t make money it is a liability expenses out of your pocket. When your website is born  for 1 year and no money coming inn. Then it is time to make a changes. This changes needs organizing the scope…

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Directory errors in media gallery form.inc

Problem; Notice: Undefined index: #build_id in form_set_cache() (line 564 of /home/dir/includes/form.inc).   Tips to solve the module errors. Modules references; https://drupal.org/project/genova_entity Consider decoupling entity.pages.inc file to entity.admin.inc, entity.forms.inc and entity.pages.inc. https://drupal.org/project/better_batch Equal batch jobs will not be started twice if there is one already running.  

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Directory Mode to customized media in drupal7

This is the default mode for the media just delete the directory to customized the upload settings. Go to configuration and click media. File extensions which are accepted in the media browser. Use spaces to separate (e.g. “jpg gif pdf doc”). Note that this can be overriden on a per-field basis when creating multimedia asset fields and files of certain…

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