Adding iframe to your website accelerate the spread of information link entry. Easy widget to embed. The disadvantage of using many iframe it slowdown the loading. Also iframe is not best practice for seo ranking. Iframely lets you configure what you get and how you get it. Fine-tune yourself, or … Continue reading

The speakpipe recently update the apps into html widget easy to embed and install in your website. Received voice message anywhere you go. If need help email us or shoot a message in twitter or facebook. – HTML5 version of the widget The widget now uses browser capabilities to record … Continue reading

mobilized your website. Responsify your menus! Just give me a CSS/jQuery style selector of your menu and I will make it mobile friendly (when the time is right).   ‘Simple’, a lightweight style. codrops’ Responsive Multi-Level Menu* MeanMenu Sidr* codrops’ Google Nexus*