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Why i need to pay for my website monthly due in Cebu Philippines

Bad website clients never has monthly budget on their website only pay for the domain and webhosting yearly. Then they pay late and complain about the website ranking. Yet the demands are so high. 1.)The questions is why my website is not in the google front page ? 2.) Why i don’t received daily calls to new clients ? 3.)…

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Slogan for solar website in Cebu Philippines

Think of making a slogan for your website. This are the list which will enhance your website content slogan. Select and choose which slogan is suited for your website. You need a better slogan to get clients online without words it is hard to market online. Get started today! Alternative Energy: Not just for the tree hugging hippies anymore. Are…

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How do you make money in website blogs ?

How do you  make $24000 per month  in the website ? Do i need an intelligences to write more blogs and get more taffic on my website and get leads? The more a writter continue to write the better changes of readers who will read your ideas and thoughts. I realized that great thinker always write the ideas because it…

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Toxic content leads to multiple contents

Toxic content leads to multiple contents has been copies and paste. This is very common problem when your content dominates all website content. Google has the advance technology that gives your content variable. This will give you the edge to demote and block the bulk spammers to your original made contents. Website without a backlink to your website are called piracy.…

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Write online today with 1pagewebsite

Yesterday i join in the toastmasterclub for improvement of public speaking. Most people who join frequently can communicate well. They say practice make things perfect. But not everybody can speak well . Infact studied shown that public speaking is one of the precentage of fear. If you overcome fear then you overcome your self. Other way of communication is the…

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