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Church protests drug killing in Philippines

The catholic church leaders in Philippines complain to the President Rodrigo Dutertes about killing yet you never hear in the media that the church complain when drugs lord leaders make a massive crime to the citizen selling billions of drugs in the Philippines. The media such as yahoo is against the President that is why most complain from the website are brain washing the local citizen if they just read to single website such as yahoo.

The best moment to pray for the people are when they are alive because their is a change of life if they know Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior. The dead are at rest you cannot pray for their souls already it is God to judge them. If you pray to the dead it is useless.

The stubborn people die because of their neck are already stiff cannot change anymore. If you give way to the drug dealer the whole country will be spoiled. If you are not a member of the drug dealer then their is no way to be afraid.  In the country Philippines they make benefits for the Drug Lords to giving them called the  due process but their is no excuses for the people who stand what is right.

Really sad to say in Philippines Judge , Major , members of the congress , military officers are link to illegral drug trade. They President what to removed the officials that are abusive to their power into protecting the drug lords because they also get a commission fee or kick back also know as money making in the under ground ways.


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