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Restoring your files needs a data center to restore all your loose files. This data center are also known as cloud web access since they cannot be seen in ip location where they are actually located. You may track the ip location but it is only a decoy ip or fake to keep the data on privacy. The real ip is hidden in secret since this cloud backups are always facing critical risk in data mining and weak loopholes of entry.
Data mining are artificial intelligences was master created by the google who optimized search engine in the world.  Going to the topic on restoring your files need to evaluate which services provider that is really suited to your needs.

This are some of the  4 methods you need to ask your self:
First way is to identify if you are able to adopt the control dashboard you are using in our data backup ?
Second how often do you backup your important files ?
Third do you restore all your critical information in the cloud ?
Fourth do you give 3rd party to control all your data entry ?
Sometimes we may have problem accessing our files and data in our computer or online. One of the simple solution is to sort by date , type or folders name.


14 providers in backup storage:

Norton Zone
Google Drive
Ubuntu One


Note: Files needs a data center to restore all your loose files


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