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Cloudflare intelligences

Cloudflare has 23 datacenters  base from wikipedia April 2013 one of the famous band Metallica.com is powered by cloudflare. The intelligences of your website increase as you partner with cloudflare specially if you update your account into pro because the SSL is included  with plenty of great benefits. But if you are new in using cloudflare basic services can give you great benefits in your website. Sometimes their a down time problem in the services so better to pause the cloudflare instead of deleting the services.

Cloudflare datacenter are deployed in different countries this keep your data secured when sudden crush or wars attack the data center.

Cloudflare watches your website with bad visitors who try to attack your website. It gives shield and strong protection to various cyber attacks.

Level-up your website into IPV6 since it can support highest quality of your webiste performance rather than using IPV4. Cloudflare prefer to update your website to the peak performance when your are using IPV6.

When you change your DNS settings in cloudflare example: hank.ns.cloudflare.com kara.ns.cloudflare.com the result with take 24hours before all the settings are fully optimized in their system intelligences.

Corporate website are partnering cloudflare to supercharge their website intelligence. If you are not using the leverage then try the amazing services in cloudflare. If need support headstartcms can help you setup your cloudflare in your website.

Headstartcms discover that the more you partner with successful companies your website also mutate into higher level of website intelligences.