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Commercial backups are always brutally attacks

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Commercial backups are highly attacks and stolen since they are search engine optimized. Broadcasting your data backup are crucial since your are not protected with massive intelligence attacks. To make sure your data are on private. Buy services data backup that are not commercialize or run by private sector company that are specialized in data recovery. Other method is to backup your data manually by your self to save the cost and privacy.

If you trust your backups with other provider make sure you are on blue chips company with long term proven truck records such as google drive , amazon backup , skydrive , dropbox , box , comodo backup , and mozy. Their are several providers but we are just mentioning the blue chips.

When your data are backups with 3rd party take notice that only authorized people are to  access your data examples are the system administrator , network security , server security and so on can access the private back up data. If the 3rd party violate the confidentiality then your data are at risk.

Advices is don’t trust 100% to the 3rd party every time you make a backups always have limitations when it comes to data integrity.

For example the US military data backup are not commercialized company since they are at risk if hackers sabotage the data or steal the info weapons.

Your data is your legacy. A virus or hacker attack, power outage, computer failure or a natural disaster can prove to be catastrophic.

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