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Communication agreement before starting the webdevelopment

In the process of website development project it is important to have a (Term of agreement)   to have a strong communication skills in both parties. Failure to go this process will have miscommunication and project stops due to poor communication og both parties. Verbal and writtern must be done to create a powerful communication skills.  Anywhere in the world you can always communicate to your clients using skype , facebook , facetime , viper and phoneunlimitedcall using



Example of basic terms and conditions

Additional Costs:
* Copyediting: $***/hour
* Additional graphics and HTML: $***/hour
* Programming: $***/hour
* Significant updates to site and/or database: $***/hour (minimum $*** fee)
* Search engine optimization consulting: $***/hour

Payment Schedule:
* 40% to commence design and development
* 40% upon delivery of completed site – certified cheque required
* 20% hold back for 30 days to ensure the site operates in accordance with project specifications


When you are in the process of agreement send this email to your clients.First of all i want to talk to you in the phone using skype , facebook , facetime , viper then i will accept the development project. Term of agreement is important to have a strong communication skills in both parties

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