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Today business are always in changing trends. Creating a static website are too boring in a rapid changing world. Your website is your marketing tools to generate lead sales nobody wants to visit  your website again if their is no updates. If your website is static it difficult to generate even small amount of traffic. The more traffic in your website the more sales leads revenue you can generate. With the help of headstartcms you can start a powerful application to collaboration and innovation of your information web assets.  Web asset is important for the business to survive in a fast network world. If the business doesn’t generate a profit it will not survive in business. Creating a valued content are important to feed information to all of your visitors. To get things started you will be needing a dream team of writers , editors and contributors to increase your information leverage.

Dream about it !


Think about the key people who can help and manage your websites. The people that you trust and can work in long term business. Headstartcms can customized each individual users rights according to their individual skills to manage your website.

Example of user rights customization that will be managing your website:



Web Maintenance
Data Backup
Security team


Think about it !



Customization are time consuming because it needs time frame to test and develop both backend and frontend but the applications of your website is super powerful compare to static website. Invest smart with your money in CMS website. Our main plaform for development is drupal. VPS  or dedicted hostingis best during development process.


Just do it!  

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