Creating a report to your client when you finish fixing the computer.

Without report or task done you are in trouble when you don’t know how to write the task done you have done of the pc repair you have finish or accomplish. Do your paper works in a professional way. Get the win to win situation both side you and your clients.


  • Check all hardware devices of the computer ; hard drive , motherboard, ram , power supply. Cleanup the dust of the hardware components.
  • Software Operating System is corrupted system32 booting sequences. Setup booting sequence of the software bios.
  • Format software and partition into two folder (c: /) and ( d:/ )
  • Install new Microsoft operating system windows 2009 then license the Operating system into genuine operating system.
  • Configuration and settings of the CD-ROM to install the Operating system and addon software.
  • Search serial number; add and install motherboard software LAN card for internet connection.
  • Add and Install Microsoft application ( Microsoftword , excel ,and powerpoint )
  • Install PDF files.
  • Install google brower.
  • Setup anti-virus using Avas to protect the computer from malware and viruses.
  • Test the boosting sequences of the computer and speed test performances.
  • Test all software Operating System and applications.
  • Quality control testing for the computer hardware and software before releasing to the client. Computer is healthy.


  • Careful not to delete system32 of the operating system causing problem in booting systems your computer.


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